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What do we need to pay attention to when using air fryers

Use an air fryer

1. use detergent, warm water, sponge, and clean the frying pan and frying basket of the air fryer. If the appearance of the air fryer has dust, it is recommended that you directly wipe it with a wet cloth.

2. Put the air fryer on a flat surface, and then put the frying basket in the fryer.

3. Connect the power supply. Just plug the power supply of the air fryer into the ground power supply row.

4. Carefully pull the frying pan out, then put the selected ingredients on the frying basket, and finally push the frying pan into the air fryer.

5. set the time, open the button, you can open the food cooking process.

6. When it reaches the prefabricated time, the timer will ring. At this time, pull the frying pan out and put it on the outside.

7. See if the ingredients have been cooked successfully cooked, and take out the small ingredients to avoid the waste of ingredients.

8. Press the switch to remove the frying basket, remove the frying basket, and then pour the ingredients in the basket into a plate, or in a bowl.

9. After the air fryer co, clean it immediately.

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Use an air fryer precautions

First of all, before use, if you want to clean the frying pan or frying basket, please choose a non-grinding sponge to avoid causing scratches to it and affect its normal performance.

Second, during the cooking process, if you want to flip the ingredients, do not touch them with your hand, but grab the handle, take the frying pan out and flip. Turn it over, and then slide it into the frying fryer.

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When you hear the timer sound, you need to pull the frying pan out and put it on a hot surface. After all, its temperature has not been cooled at this time, and if placed on the unheat-resistant surface, it will have a certain impact on the surface.

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Post time: Jan-31-2023