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Kitchen safety tips: Be sure to know that the air fryer use is taboo!

A particularly well-liked culinary appliance is the air fryer. The idea is to swap out the hot oil for hot air in the original frying pan, heating with convection that is similar to solar heat to create a rapid cycle of hot flow in the enclosed pot, cooking the food while the hot air also removes moisture from the food’s surface, giving the food the same frying effect without using hot oil.


1.The top of the air fryer is generally equipped with a cooling outlet, avoid the lunch box bags, plastic bags or other sundries on it, otherwise it is easy to lead to the internal temperature is too high and accelerated aging, serious short circuit may also occur, causing fire.

2. Avoid not clean after use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and other harmful substances, leading to the next cooking food when these toxic substances into the food, which is adverse to health.

3. In the heating process, avoid frequently open the air fryer, otherwise it will lead to heat loss, but the food is not easy to be cooked, and it is also very cost of electricity.

4. Avoid heating regular plastic containers because doing so will cause the containers to distort and emit harmful materials.

5. Keep the oven away from water sources because they will cause temperature differences because the oven’s operating temperature is very high.

6. Prevent excessive heating, which not only alters the flavor of food ingredients but also often leads to equipment damage; Prevent unattended operation, which increases the risk of scald incidents.

7. Preheating and baking for an excessively lengthy time might shorten the oven’s lifespan, and baking too close to a wall can reduce heat dispersion.

1. To prevent the dissolving of dangerous compounds, stay away from food and seasonings as well as prolonged contact with tinfoil.
2. Avoid direct contact with an open flame because this could lead to dangerous compounds dissolving on food and endangering your health.

Post time: Jan-31-2023